by Kal Kalim

A transformative force reshaping the world of sustainable fashion

A transformative force reshaping the world of fashion.  At its cor...
A transformative force reshaping the world of sustainable fashion

A transformative force reshaping the world of fashion. 

At its core, UNMODA embodies a deep commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and ethical practices. Far more than merely offering stylish garments, UNMODA desires to serve as as a beacon of change in the community, challenging the conventional norms that have long plagued the fashion world.

The essence of UNMODA lies in its name, which symbolises a movement towards UNdoing, UNfollowing and UNlearning the detrimental practices that have characterised the fashion industry for decades. This ethos permeates every aspect of the brand, from its design process to its supply chain management.


Central to UNMODA's identity are the two infinite arrows integrated into its logo. These arrows, forming the letters U and N, represent the brand's UNwavering dedication to sustainable and circular fashion. They signify the continuous cycle of regeneration and renewal, highlighting UNMODA's commitment to creating fashion that harmonises with the planet rather than exploiting its resources.

Moreover, the arrows embody UNMODA's mission to dismantle the harmful practices prevalent in the fashion industry. From environmentally destructive production methods to exploitative labor practices, UNMODA is steadfast in its resolve to challenge the status quo and drive positive change.

UNMODA's vision extends beyond the realm of fashion. It seeks to empower a new generation of conscious consumers and creators. Through its transparent supply chain, innovative designs and UNwavering commitment to social and environmental responsibility, UNMODA aims to inspire individuals to make informed choices and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

UNMODA represents a paradigm shift in the fashion industry, offering a beacon of hope for a more ethical and sustainable future. By aligning style with purpose and advocating for positive change through its communication, UNMODA is inviting communities to join its movement and become catalysts for transformation in the world of fashion and beyond.

At UNMODA, we're not merely a fashion brand – we're a movement. Our name encapsulates our unwavering commitment to challenging the harmful practices deeply ingrained in the fashion industry's fabric. With a bold spirit, we aim to disrupt the status quo and inspire a new wave of conscious consumers and creators.

What does the UNMODA name mean and stand for?

The name "UNMODA" is derived from a combination of two words: "UN" and "MODA." The prefix "UN" represents a negation or reversal, signifying the brand's mission to UNdo, UNfollow and UNlearn harmful practices within the fashion industry. Meanwhile, "MODA" is derived from the Italian and Spanish word for "fashion." Thus, UNMODA embodies a commitment to disrupting the conventional norms of fashion and driving positive change towards sustainability and ethical practices.


What sets UNMODA apart?

What sets UNMODA apart from many other so-called sustainable brands is its transparent & holistic approach to sustainability and ethical practices. While some brands may focus solely on using eco-friendly materials or implementing fair labor practices, UNMODA goes beyond that by integrating sustainability into every aspect of its operations. From transparent supply chains to innovative design processes and community engagement initiatives, UNMODA is committed to creating a positive impact across the entire fashion industry. 

Additionally, UNMODA's dedication to UNdoing, UNfollowing and UNlearning harmful practices reflects its proactive stance towards addressing systemic issues within the fashion industry, setting it apart as a leader in sustainable fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is UNMODA's mission?

UNMODA aims to disrupt the fashion industry's harmful practices by promoting sustainability, inclusivity and ethical standards. Through conscious design and responsible manufacturing, UNMODA seeks to inspire positive change in the fashion world.


What does the name "UNMODA" signify?

The name "UNMODA" symbolises the brand's commitment to undoing, unfollowing and unlearning harmful fashion practices. It represents a movement towards sustainability, empowerment and ethical fashion choices.


What is the significance of the two arrows in UNMODA's logo?

The two arrows represent UNMODA's commitment to sustainability and circular fashion. One arrow forms the letter U, and the other forms the letter N, symbolising the brand's dedication to undoing, unfollowing and unlearning harmful practices in the fashion industry.


What do the arrows' direction signify?

The arrows' direction signifies the endless cycle of regeneration and renewal, reflecting UNMODA's mission to create fashion that doesn't harm the planet or exploit its resources. They represent the brand's journey towards a more ethical and sustainable future.


How does the logo embody UNMODA's ethos?

The logo embodies UNMODA's ethos by visually representing its core values of sustainability, empowerment and positive change. The two arrows symbolise the brand's determination to disrupt the status quo and inspire a new generation of conscious consumers and creators.


What inspired the design of the two arrows logo?

The two arrows logo is our version of the Recycle symbol which consists of three arrows. The two arrow  design was inspired by the concept of regeneration and renewal in nature. It draws inspiration from the natural cycles of growth and rebirth, reflecting UNMODA's commitment to sustainability and the environment.

How does the logo reflect UNMODA's mission to empower individuals?

The logo reflects UNMODA's mission to empower individuals by encouraging them to take meaningful action towards a more sustainable future. It serves as a reminder that every choice matters and that together, we can make a positive impact on the world.


What makes UNMODA unique among sustainable brands?

UNMODA stands out for its holistic approach to sustainability, integrating eco-friendly materials, transparent supply chains and community engagement initiatives. The brand's commitment to social and environmental responsibility sets it apart in the fashion industry.

How does UNMODA ensure its products are sustainable?

UNMODA uses sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing processes and transparent supply chains. The brand adheres to certifications like GOTS, Fair Trade, and Global Recycled Standard to guarantee the sustainability of its products.


What types of materials does UNMODA use in its products?

UNMODA utilises a range of sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, TENCEL and recycled polyester. These materials are chosen for their eco-friendly properties, durability and comfort.


Are UNMODA's manufacturing practices ethical?

Yes, UNMODA ensures ethical manufacturing practices by partnering with suppliers who uphold fair labor standards, provide safe working conditions and pay fair wages. The brand is committed to supporting workers' rights and well-being.


How does UNMODA promote inclusivity in its designs?

UNMODA embraces diversity and inclusivity in its designs by offering gender-neutral styles and sizes for a wide range of body types. The brand celebrates individuality and strives to make fashion accessible to all introducing a new range of gender-neutral clothing under the UNDEFINED Category which is a first of its kind. 


What steps does UNMODA take to reduce its environmental impact?

UNMODA implements eco-friendly practices like minimising waste, reducing energy consumption and using sustainable packaging materials. The brand also aims to create awareness among consumers on responsible fashion choices to promote environmental awareness.


Is UNMODA involved in community initiatives?

Yes, UNMODA actively engages in community initiatives to support social causes, empower marginalised groups and promote sustainable living. The brand collaborates with non-profit organisations and participates in charitable events to make a positive impact. More details to follow. 

How does UNMODA ensure transparency in its supply chain?

UNMODA maintains transparency in its supply chain by tracing the journey of its products from sourcing to manufacturing and retail. The brand provides detailed information about its suppliers, production processes and certifications to maintain transparency & build trust with consumers.


What initiatives does UNMODA have for promoting sustainability education?

UNMODA is conducting sustainability education initiatives through workshops, events and digital content to raise awareness about ethical fashion practices. The brand aims to empower consumers with knowledge and resources to make informed choices. More updates coming soon. 


How can consumers support UNMODA's mission?

Consumers can support UNMODA's mission by purchasing its sustainable products, advocating for ethical fashion and spreading awareness about the brand's values. By choosing UNMODA, individuals contribute to a more sustainable and equitable fashion industry.